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Belen Marty

Journalist Cripto247 in Infobae - Argentina

Lic. in Social Communication, journalist by profession. She has postgraduate studies: a master's degree in Economics and Political Science and a diploma in Digital Journalism and Digital Media Management. She has more than 10 years of experience in graphic and digital journalism, armed with communication plans, public relations and radio, television and photography production. After working for Getty Images, and after her steps through the ABC television studios in New York and in the Institutional Relations area of ​​a holding company in Dubai, she developed in the Press area of ​​Staples Argentina and gave support in the marketing area digital creating and feeding with original content a blog referring to entrepreneurs and SMEs in the country. She then worked as a Senior Account Assistant for the Newlink consultancy providing and offering Communication and Press strategies for Credit Suisse, Lufthansa, Mastercard and Goodyear. Today she is a journalist of Cripto247, the brand new section of INFOBAE dedicated to fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.