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Diego Cibils

Co-Founder & CEO of KONA - Uruguay

I am passionate about disruptive technology. Since I can remember, I have been into computers, doing systems programming, designing software architectures and self-learning all about the hardware inside.
At 18 I got my first job as a software developer, and since then I have been working in tech. Worked in small and big corporations as well as up and coming startups. From Banking to Gaming, I was lucky to work for US banks and Indian companies that allowed me to embrace the work ethics of these cultures, which added to our Uruguayan culture of "making it happen, no matter what" shaped my way of thinking in many ways.
In 2014 I was ready to start KONA. With my partner, we jumped ship from a big corporation to start what is today one of the most innovative companies in our region. We are a 40+ people team focused on bringing innovation in disruptive technologies to big enterprises.
This approach, led KONA to work closely to big corporations as their off-premises innovation center, with an extremely agile methodology and disruptive approach. We were able to do 4-month projects in 4-weeks with great focus and a super lean structure.
As of 2018, we have operations in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and rapidly expanding into more countries.