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Dr. Federico Ast

Founder & CEO of Kleros - Argentina

After graduating in economics and philosophy, I devoted my career to working on the Internet, as an entrepreneur, teacher, writer and researcher. I was a member of the initial team of MATERIABIZ, a pioneer in the media industry in Latin America. For my Ph.D., I researched issues of deliberative democracy and collective decision making. A measure that I love more and more for social and civic innovation, I was interested in blockchain technology, for its potential to decentralize finance, laws and government. I developed the concept of Crowdjury, the use of blockchain and collective intelligence to build a justice system for the Internet age. I am the founder and CEO of Kleros, an arbitration platform that combines blockchain and crowdsourcing to resolve disputes in e-commerce and the collaborative economy. I am a teacher of "The Blockchain Disruption", the first blockchain program in Spanish of the online education platform of Coursera.