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Guille Wajner

Co-Founder & CMO
Greeneum Network - Uruguay

Guille is a Restless Entrepreneur. He founded 2 startups, in one of them "he failed with all success" and in the other "he added zero" but he never stopped trying. Formed in Advertising by the ORT University and in many other things thanks to "The Internet".

CryptoMarketer by adoption and passionate about innovation, Guille believes in the possibility of bequeathing a better future to future generations and trusts that technology is vital in this regard. Since 2017 he has been a Director of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs and Volunteers in other initiatives of a social nature.

Its current challenges are: Greeneum, a platform that uses Blockchain for the development of Green Energies and Zumrum, a consultancy that encourages companies to leave behind the analogue world and optimize their operations through digital tools.