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J. Joaquin Machado

Founder and CEO of NOXTAK Group - Venezuela

Founder and CEO of NOXTAK Group, a company that operates in the Netherlands, Aruba, Costa Rica and the United States, Joaquín Machado is an enterprising Venezuelan, who has consolidated his career as an inventor in the story with 29 patented products and 2 inventions in nanotechnology. He is a technology consultant; specialist in crypto-financing and blockchain technologies; and expert in electromagnetic fields.
Born in Caracas in 1980, Joaquín has traveled the world to keep in constant contact with the news and updates of technological developments.
He has studies in international trade, management, proactive leadership, affective neuroscience, epigenetic biology, nanomagnetism physics, manufacturing in nanotechnology, renewable energies, ecological constructions, environmental sustainability, smart cities, business and finance, blockchain technology and crypto financing. Topics with which personal advice is offered in countries of the world.
He is director of the international EHE certification program (Electro Health Environment); and main technology advisor for Martorell's Office Group, as well as for three other companies with global reach.
Their dedication, commitment, creativity and continuous search for innovation have marked the direction of their companies and define their work philosophy. Therefore, and following his great passion for technology, Joaquin has dedicated himself to promoting technological entrepreneurship around the world, as a way to promote the development of ideas that serve to improve the quality of life of people.
In this sense, Joaquín created and patented in 2012 his "NOXTAK Technology", spearhead of his company Grupo NOXTAK. A special film that works as the natural electromagnetic filter to neutralize the pollution generated by cellular cables, household appliances, cell phones, computers, among other electronic devices.
Through NOXTAK Group, Joaquín Machado and his team of experts offer specialized solutions to mitigate the scope of electromagnetic pollution and minimize the negative effects that they have on the health of people, animals and the functioning of the technologies (Accelerated, connectivity failures and electrical waste).
In this sense, Joaquín and his NOXTAK Group team have become private consultants to several governments around the world with the objective of coordinating official programs that promote the implementation of sustainable 5G and IOT systems in the long term. All this as the necessary strategy to avoid public health problems derived from electromagnetic pollution.
His current effort to embrace new areas of entrepreneurship has also led him to grow within the world of corporate business, where he has begun to collaborate closely thanks to his relationship with Martorell's Office Group, a company specialized in advising business owners, investors and entrepreneurs looking to open their businesses in the United States.