Ignacio Varese
Organizer and moderator of Blockchain Summit UY

Giancarlo Caputto
Organizer and moderator of Blockchain Summit UY

Germán Tugores
Organizer and moderator of Blockchain Summit UY

Romina Andrioli
Master of ceremonies of Blockchain Summit UY

Dr. Ian Gauci
Partner at GTG Advocates

Dr. Federico Ast
Founder & CEO of Kleros


Ec. Mario Bergara
President of
'Banco Central'

Eduardo Lemp
LATAM director of Consensys

Gabriel Kurman
CEO, Koibanx & Co-founder of RSK Labs

Pedro Gutiérrez
LATAM leader of NEM

Jeff McDonald
Vice president of NEM Foundation & CTO of LUXTAG

Sebastian Serrano
Ceo & Co-Founder at RIPIO.com

Manuel Beaudroit
Chief Marketing Officer at Bitex.la

Cristobal Pereira
Co-Founder & CEO at mifutu.ro

Gonzalo Arzuaga
Fund Manager of Terrifico Capital & Author

Gonzalo Blousson
Co-founder & CEO of Signatura.co

Alexis Trujillo
Host of LatiNEM

Gonzalo Boix
Banking Sector at IBM

Pablo Coirolo
CEO & Founder at LIght47 

Dr. Vitor Nazário
Co-Founder of NeoResearch, OptFrame and Creating.City.

Igor Machado
Co-Founder of open-source group NeoResearch

J. Joaquin Machado
Founder & CEO at NOXTAK Group

Cristóbal Castillo
Infrastructure Engineer at uPort - ConsenSys

Patricio López Juri
Software Engineer at ConsenSys

Javier Borkenztain
Co-founder of FITER

Alejandro Narancio
CEO at Infuy & Rootstock Ambassador

Omar Saadoun
Co-founder of INMIND

Diego Cibils
Co-Founder & CEO of KONA

Javier Barreiro
Director of Technology at AGESIC

Vera Tochetti
Co-Founder and Business Developer LATAM at Trippki

Mercedes Aramendía
Lawyer, expert in public TICs policies

Lucía Zóboli
Lawyer at Blanco & Etcheverry 

Sasha Ivanova
Business developer & U.community

Belen Marty
Journalist Crypto247 in Infobae

Marcos Macedo
Full stack developer
IBM Innovation Lab

Ken Tenzer
Co-founder & CTO of Blockchain Mining


Nicolás Ribeiro
Co-founder & CEO of Blockchain Mining

Guille Wajner
Co-Founder & CMO
Greeneum Network

Emilio Pereira
Co-Founder & CTO at BlockBear

Magdalena Ramada
Senior Economist at Willis Towers Watson

João Victor Mendes
Country Manager
at Pundi X

Andres Szafran
of CryptoFacil