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Dr. Vitor Nazário Coelho

Researcher in the field of Optimization, Computational Intelligence and Blockchain. Co-Founder of NeoResearch, OptFrame and Creating.City - Brazil

Technician in Electronic Instrumentation and Process Control by the Instituto Federal de Minas Gerais with internship at the mining center of Alegria, working for the VALE S.A. Bachelor’s degree in Control Engineering and Automation by the Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto (UFOP) with sandwich period, funded by the Sciences without Borders program, at Universat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona / Spain). Doctor in Electrical Engineering, in the field of Computational Intelligence, by the Pós-Graduação em Engenharia Elétrica (PPGEE) the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), finishing his PhD in 2 years, with 25 years old, without attending Master studies. During the PhD, Vitor did an exchange period at the University of Sheffield (England), in partnership with the Rolls Royce Technology Center in Control and Systems Engineering, and at ORT Braude College of Engineering (Israel), as a Marie Curie researcher for the European Commission as part of the Seventh Framework Program (FP7). Thesis awarded as the best one in the Engineering area in the year of 2016 of UFMG. Post-Doctorate in partnership with the Universidade Federal Fluminense, supported by the outstanding program PDR-10/FAPERJ program.
Vitor has been focusing in researches directed to decentralized environments and smart contracts. Active developer and collaborator of distinct open-source projects. Among them, contributing to the large-scale Ecosystem of the Neo Blockchain.
The main area I have been acting is computational intelligence and mathematics, focusing on the following research topics: mono and multi-objective combinatorial optimization, metaheuristics, robotics and automation, trajectory search algorithms, evolutionary computation, evolutionary strategies, multi-agent systems, time series forecasting, evolution strategies, mathematical programming, multi-criteria decision making, mining planning, operations research, smart and digital cities, optimization techniques applied to smart-microgrids, renewable energy integration with mini/microgrid systems, smart grids autonomy, energy storage management, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) integration technologies, forecasting of renewable energy consumption and generation, blockchain, the use of cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers, machine learning, scheduling/timetabling, vehicle routing, digital marketing, adaptive and self-calibrated PID controllers, and development of computational frameworks.
He has interests in the area of neuroscience, quantum physics, analysis of electromagnetic spectra, astronomy, simulation of cellular organisms and their interaction with viruses and Pathology.
One of the founders of the portal, a place of academic and industrial discussions surrounding the cities of the future. One of the idealizes of the Grupo da Causa Humana, a group of studies with researchers from distinct areas, focusing on a multidisciplinary analyses of problems faced by society. One of the maintainers of the project, an initiative of the NeoResearch community for providing an easy environment for developing and testing smart contracts on the Neo ecosystem.